For this year’s challenge, you will be making a wreath quilt.  There are no other requirements as to fabric, pattern, color scheme, style, theme, or technique; however, the size limit is any shape with an outer perimeter of 180 inches or less.  (Diameter of 45 inches for round quilts.)  

A quilt is made up of a top, batting, and backing, layered into a sandwich and sewn together.  You may make another item, such as clothing or accessories (Christmas tree skirt?), as long as you keep to the size requirement.

Your entry quilt will be due at the December meeting where we will vote for our favorites.  Even though your project is due in December, it is not necessary to make a Christmas or holiday wreath.  A wreath of flowers or anything else will be acceptable.

Please call or text Merle Scribner at 937-668-1410 with any questions.

Do your best work, and good luck to all!