Our Stitching Comforts Committee is responsible for quilt donations to several groups throughout the community and beyond. We give quilts to the Human Solutions Family Center, "Passages" quilts to terminally ill patients at Mt. Hood Medical Center, and baby quilts to the Boxes of Love Project. We also donate quilts to Quilts Beyond Borders, Ronald McDonald House, Pregnancy Resource Center, and some of our members make Quilts of Valor for service members and veterans.

stitching comfort summer donations

Pink Sistas, a local nonprofit that hosts retreats for breast cancer survivors, is collecting flannel pillowcases. Click here for the instructions for the pillowcases.

There are loads of free patterns available on the web for charity quilts. Try Arizona Blankets for Kids (click on "Patterns" in the left-hand menu bar), and MaryQuilts.com, both of which have numerous pattern ideas.

Also check out this video on string piecing from Susan Ainsworth Smith on her daughter’s blog, Stitchin’ the Northwest. Clear instructions from Susan, and great for charity quilts!

Size matters, at least for charity quilts. Here are some common sizes:

Quilts Beyond Borders - 40-45″ wide by 48-60″ long (kid prints)

Human Solutions - 40 by 60" ( kid prints) 

Passages Quilts - 40 by 60"  (adult fabrics)

Boxes of Love and Pregnancy Resource Center - 36- 40" wide by 40-45" long (baby prints)

Quilts of Valor - approx.  60 by 80"

Ronald McDonald House - 40 - 45" wide by 48 - 60" long (kid prints) and 36 - 40" wide by 40 - 45" long (baby prints)


Below are photos of some of the lovely quilts made and donated by members of our Guild.

We also collect underwear and socks for the Human Solutions shelter at every meeting.

Work days to make donation quilts are more FUN than work!