"ROMAN HOLIDAY" 2018 MYSTERY QUILT, designed by Tomme Fent  

    “Roman Holiday” is a 4-fabric quilt based on some of the lovely marble patterns I saw in Rome on our recent trip to  Italy. In a mystery quilt project, you don’t know what the quilt will look like until the very end. You receive “clues” as you go along, making different parts of the quilt without knowing how they all fit together. Be sure to read ALL instructions carefully to avoid any "travel delays" on your trip!

      Your "clues" will be printed in each month's issue of "News From the Hood," and also will be available here. In a couple of the later months, you also will be able to access short videos to demonstrate techniques used in making the quilt.

      Come along with us on our Roman Holiday!!

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Fabric Requirements, with comments and suggestions

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